Dehairing machine – Presentation machine

is used in combination with a combined scalding and dehairing machine. With that combination, 2 pigs are processed simultaneously, resulting in an hourly capacity of 25-30 pigs.

Dehairing process with additional presentation machine

  • The pig is scalded and dehaired for approx. 2 min at a raised scalding temperature of 67 °C in a combined scalding and dehairing machine.
  • The pig is automatically transferred to the presentation machine where it is re-scrubbed and/or further dehaired and cleaned. At the same time, the next pig is placed in the combined scalding and dehairing machine so that 2 pigs constantly being processed at any given time.
  • After dehairing, the pig is moved onto the Extended rack where it can be further processed..


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Mobile on 4 castors

Special scraper paddles with metal shavers for more effective dehairing

Technical specifications

Internal length 2.000 mm
External 2.200 x 1.000 mm
Drive unit rating 5,5 kW
Processing capacity 25 – 30 pigs/hour
Dehairing time approx. 2 minutes