Rumen/paunch cleaning machine

Rumen/paunch washing and cleaning machine for washing, scalding
and cleaning rumen/paunch, pig stomachs, calf and sheep stomachs,
fat ends and pig tongues in pre-scalded condition.

Process description

  1. Pre-scalding of the rumen/paunch at approx. 70 °C
  2. Stretch out fold by Hand
  3. Now insert 6-8 fat-free rumen/paunch in the running machine for scalding and cleaning
    at a water temperature of approx. 62 °C
  4. After approx. 4-6 minutes remove the limp white scalded rumen/paunch and cool in a
    water bath

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Rumen/paunch cleaning machine

Technical specifications

Processing capacity approx. 15 rumen/paunch per hour
Processing time approx. 4-5 minutes
Water consumption approx. 1.1 m³
Dimensions 650 x 1000 mm
Weight 120 kg
Power supply 400 V 3AC/N
Frequency 50
Motor 2,2 KW
Water pressure approx. 6 bar
Water connection ¾“ cold water connection