Stunning device TBG 96/N emergency killing

TBG 96/N, the mobile animal stunning device for epidemic outbreak/emergency killing

The killing of pigs by farmers on the farm may be carried out as part of an emergency killing drill, whenever there is obviously no other means of alleviating great pain or suffering of the animals resulting from injury or illness.

The TBG 96N complies with the current VDE regulations (German association of electricians) and was designed in accordance with leaflet No. 84 “Killing larger groups of animals in the event of an epidemic outbreak” by the Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare (tierärztliche Vereinigung für Tierschutz e.V.).

TBG 96/N equipment

  • Display of voltage/current
  • Special transformer 2.3 A
  • Visual and audible signal of minimum stunning time reached
  • Selector switch with 3 programmes for different currents:
    1 = 2,3 A / 1.3 A current monitoring
    2 = 1,8 A / 1.3 A current monitoring
    3 = 1,3 A / 150 V for piglets
  • Stainless steel stunning tongs with coiled cable, special handles and copper   electrodes with centre spike for secure contact
  • Rapid current increase in the 1st second to 2.3 A max
  • Stainless steel wall mount for transformer and tongs


Stunning tong for piglets (7 – 30 KG)

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Technical specifications

Dimensions 400 x 225 x 300 mm
Weight approx. 12 kg
Protection class II
Mains connection 230V 50Hz
Output current max. 2,3 A
Output voltage 250V- 380V