Type H(N)SKR or H(N)SKL


  • 2 roller systems for thorough dehairing
  • Head scrubbing holder for difficult-to-reach head area
  • Mobile on 4 castors
  • New-design reinforced gearing
  • Special scraper paddles (on rear panel as well)
  • Electric heater in oil bath
  • Integrated control and operating unit in machine housing
  • Swing-out rollers for cleaning the machine


  • Galvanised or stainless steel throughout
  • Choice of internal lengths
  • Bristle screw
  • Integrated bristle collector for catching the bristles in the machine
  • Compressed-air ejector
  • Compressed-air lid (choice of lid types)
  • Electric wall control unit in stainless steel casing

Version with integrated bristle screw

It discards bristles and dirt out of the machine throughout the scalding/dehairing process.
The resulting consistently high water quality ensures

  • consistently good scalding/dehairing
  • higher slaughter capacity per water filling

An additional water supply is possible.

Processing sequence in automatic scalding and dehairing machine

  • Fill machine with water up to lower shaft
  • Heat up water using thermostatic control
  • Place animal for slaughter into machine
  • Start scalding process (stops automatically after approx. 3 minutes)
  • Ejection of dehaired animal for slaughter automatically using ejector lever (pneumatic   cylinder) or by hand

Choice of lid types

  • Sliding/folding lid
  • Folding lid (complete lid)
  • Custom-height lid (for larger pigs)
  • Automatically operated lid opener

Automatically operated lid opener

  • After inserting the pigs, the lid closes at the   touch of a button and the scalding and   dehairing process starts.
  • Machine stops automatically after the set time   has elapsed (approx. 3 minutes) and the lid   opens
  • The pig is ejected by pressing a button


PDF Broschure Type H(N)SKR or H(N)SKL
Youtube Video

Version with integrated bristle screw

Integrated bristle screw

Pneumatic ejection

HNSKL-S-S with pneumatic lid, bristle screw and pneumatic ejection

Technical specifications

Internal length 1.900 mm
External 2.500 x 1.000 mm
Internal length 2.200
External 2.500 x 1.000 mm
Internal length 2.500 mm
External 2.800 x 1.000 mm
Total weight Approx. 570 kg
Electric heater capacity Choice of 13.5 to 24 KW
optional Steam, gas or oil heating
Drive unit rating 2.2 KW 380/400V 50 Hz 3-phase (custom voltages also available)
Water capacity Approx. 200 litres
Scalding and dehairing time Approx. 3 minutes
Max. pig weight Approx. 350 KG
Processing capacity 15 – 20 pigs/hour